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Andover New York Consumer Credit Counseling call 1-800-254-4100

Call 1-800-254-4100 consumer credit counseling service cccs debt counseling credit card debt consolidation credit consolidation Andover New York

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How to remove student loans from your credit report

Student loan debt is now the second highest consumer debt category - behind only mortgage debt - and higher than both credit cards and auto loans.

According to Forbes, there are more than 44 million borrowers with $1.3 trillion in student loan debt in the U.S. alone.

This shows how serious the student loan debt crisis has become - for borrowers across the country.

If you are a student loan borrower, the following student loan debt statistics can help you make more informed decisions...

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Debt Consolidation & Management : Is Debt Consolidation Good?

Debt consolidation is not good because it can cause a person to lose their home and because it raises a flag that is placed on a person's credit history. Discover why lenders don't like debt consolidation with help from the owner of a debt negotiation company in this free video on debt and money management.

Expert: Peter Repak


Bio: Peter Repak has been in the debt settlement business for over half a decade. He and his wife founded the Clear Financial...

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Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement,

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Coastal Credit Solutions

Coastal Credit Solutions is a Debt Consolidation Company in San Diego, CA that has been doing business since 2005, specializing in Credit Counseling, Consumer Credit Counseling, Debt Consolidation, Debt Relief, Credit Card Debt Relief, Debt Settlement, Student Loan Consolidation, Credit Card Consolidation, Bankruptcy Alternative, and Debt Management. - created at

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Debt Consolidation in Kansas

Debt Credit consolidation in Kansas call (800) 254-4100 credit card debt loan consolidation to eliminate debt commonly refers to a Debt Management Plan (DMP) offered by a non-profit Consumer Credit Counseling Service and the consolidation process commonly refers to personal finances of individuals addressing high consumer debt.

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How are taxes handled during debt settlement?

Are you wondering about the tax implications of debt settlement? Typically when a debts is settled, you will receive a 1099 from the bank for the money that you saved due to the settlement. This income is typically taxable, but sometimes it is not - and that is an important distinction. Steve explains in this video.

About Trident Debt Solutions: Trident Debt Solutions is an expert financial consulting firm led by Steve Craig, a Colorado attorney with more...

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Debt settlement advice by Payday Loan Consolidation In the event that you are unable to repay your payday loan and you need debt relief, then we strongly advise that you contact us to help you obtain that much needed payday loan help. Payday consolidation will take it upon itself to communicate on your behalf with the cash advance company to get you a consolidated repayment amount that is convenient and affordable. By using our debt help services you will be able to have access to our professional debt...

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Freedom Debt Relief- For Me Finally! Freedom debt relief forever.

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